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The South Shore Family Resource Association (SSFRA) provides free programming to families with children prenatal to six years in Lunenburg, Queens and Shelburne counties.

Programs vary from site-to-site and are divided into child-focused, parent-focused, family focused and community-focused activities. Most programming is delivered at the three Family Resource Centers, with outreach programs in locations around the counties.

SSFRA programs are well attended with families requesting additional services and opportunities. Do you have an idea for a program or want information on a particular topic? Call your nearest centre and make the request. We will do our best to help.

South Shore Family Resource Association Mission Statement

The South Shore Family Resource Association (SSFRA) is dedicated to nurturing and enhancing the quality of life to every member of every family in Queens, Lunenburg and Shelburne Counties.

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Who we are & What we do -
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Our Guiding Principles

Children First - Children must be the primary consideration in CAP-C (Community Action Program for Children) programs.

Strengthening and Support Families - All sectors of Canadian society share the responsibility for children by supporting parents as they raise their children.

Equity and Accessibility - Children, regardless of culture and socio- economic status, are entitled to equal opportunities to develop to their full potential.

Partnerships and Coalitions - Holistic support for children and their families can only be achieved through the combined effort of parents, families, communities, governments and service providers.

Community-Based - The community is viewed as the focus for decision-making and action.

Flexibility - In order to respond to the diversity of communities across Canada and the particular circumstances and changing needs of children and families, CAP-C programs must be flexible.

In February 1995, SSFRA was incorporated to assume management of the federal CAP-C (Community Action Program for Children) Project. The association has grown, partnerships with additional funders delivers more services and opportunities.

The board includes representatives from each county and meets on a regular basis to develop policy and consider issues of funding and staff support.

Until recently, each county operated somewhat independently. The Executive Director is now responsible for the association's overall operation. Each County's Site Coordinator is responsible for the centres' day-to-day operations.

The Association believes in a participant-driven model of program delivery, strong community and intersectorial collaborations. Parents often become leaders, and eventually train others, to carry out the work.

The Association is supported by a strong and dedicated group of volunteers. Most were participants who value, feel a sense of ownership of, and want to give back to the CAP-C project.

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