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We have researched the answers to some of the common questions asked by parents around child safety. Below are topic headings with questions. Each question is followed by one or more links to a credible site/s where you will find the answer to the preceding question. Simply click the link/s and enjoy. Please feel free to send us your questions - we will do our best to find the answers.

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What are some of the general things I need to know about keeping my child safe?

Home safety
What else do I need to know about keeping my child safe in the home?
1. Kitchen Safety:

2. Bedroom Safety:

3. Living Room Safety:

4. Safety in their Cribs, Bassinets & Beds:

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5. Safety in the Stairs, Hallways & Garages

6. Want to read more?

Fire Safety
What do I need to know about fire safety in the home?

Poison Prevention
What do I need to know about poison prevention?

Preventing Falls
What can I do to prevent my child from falling and getting hurt?

Emergency Measures Planning (EMP)
How do I prepare my family for an EMERGENCY?

How do I get a kit prepared?

Outdoor Safety:
What do I need to know about keeping my family safe during the summer?

Read more about Sun Safety & Play - Tips for parents

What kind of sunscreen should I use for me and my children?

What do I need to know about heat injury and illness for my whole family?

Water Safety

Playground Safety

Helmets & Safety

Outdoor Safety
What can I do to help keep my child safe during in the winter?

More information about winter safety for:

Seasonal Safety
What can I do to keep my child safe during Halloween for:

Seasonal Safety
Holidays & Special Occasions Safety Tips for:

Toy Safety
What do I need to know about toy safety?

Complete toy safety tips - all ages

Infant & child equipment safety

  • Children are naturally curious and do not easily recognize and avoid hazards; therefore,
    they need extra protection & care.

Other safety issues

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